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      Munson & Heens: the mosted trusted name in the pangolin industry

      The Maggot/Lederer Collection - punk rock palaces updated to the highest standards in corporate tech fuckery.  featured in the NYT style section.  no longer smashing the state.  just decorating your corporate campus or multimillion $ home.


      we'd like you to go away and die.  it would make us feel so much better.  we'll be encouraging you to do that for the rest of your life.  we're glad that we've been able to make you feel bad about yourself, but, really, we'd like you to die or at least disappear.  that would really be beneficial to our wellness.  thank you.

      quantitative status.  culture corrupt.  truth marginal.  principles anachronistic.  distraction and subtitutes.  dehumanization on schedule.

      all too much culture too much pain too much confusion too much spite too much fear my fault? fuck you. you lying sack of shit. always did for personal gain. look for the real failures. weren't willing. you can't have that. you all did this shit with your corrupt choices. we did this shit. but there's a difference. you all wish there wasn't. moral relativism. the rich will buy their integrity. only matters what other people think? nope. you will die with that.


      robels and gleems

      glock talk fucky con mi

      I've seen some strange websites before, but nothing like this. It is literally pages and pages of incomprehensible gibberish. It's as if it's the garbage can of the internet, where illogical sentences, made-up words and confusing drivel are discarded. It's like looking into the mind of an insane person.

      josefina d'shimmelreigs medeisty

      lobweldian vedoga now appearing at tebucky highsmith's gonkin linyuns

      medica lontwensk

      jeibu ziman leduma

      rebakesy bedoula

      tommy udit madeen

      jomby indouhanian

      entuniet lebuskoo

      untende libero

      djaime tediddly-waka

      madel boykin

      scree ridikulee and lil chofet


      del norte bart. not as hordle as it used to be. discount gallon orange drink against pylon. nazer's lazer.

      bubbling rust urinal partition.

      RIP Paolo Stagnaro. RIP Ben Cho. RIP Nick Bertoni.

      bing wong 10pm scoocher cipher.

      1985 Topps venice boardwalk.

      to the west philly horse and all my old homies

      they always tell me i'm losing. i believe it sometimes. other times i'm your worst fucking nightmare.

      worn down crippled and compromised

      how much longer? an illusion of productivity. this is the way i get things done. they want you not to do that though. get distracted.

      a heartfelt robercules fuck you to most of this shit.

      confusion. western beef queens, 2001. beach st, tribeca 9/11/01. canal st. 2000. venice beach 1985. carlyle, high rise east. 20 yrs. bogart. snow on the fire escape. crying on the firescape post crack. bogans rescue mission. tagged fire escape door safety bar. you puts a fist in a midgets drywall, dragged down stairwell. fainting in the projects irreversible. how many days of my life have i spent staring at this shit. it didn't used to be such a bad ratio. good work to waste.

      denial forces. deep state crew.

      a voice.

      worth it? not in touch anymore.

      lost another one. already lost him a while back. now permanent. sad. always these things a reminder of denial and social toxicity. usn everbody down eventually. him down already. not all glamour and good times. be truthful otherwise that's how people die. forced to fake it. lineage of live fast die young admirers. don't glorify that crap. makes the tradeoff for the next guy look pretty attractive.

      what you living for? you got principles or just a load full of ego and calculation. niche social group status establishment.

      fake love.



      why i don't like facebook. why i don't like you. i like everyone. i miss everyone. i don't want to talk to you.

      i have become skeptical about communication and friendship. sad. always willing to be outside. me talking to myself may be more productive than us talking to each other. Facebook and new web crap. I was already old. It used to be real. We would be together. Maybe it's just me withdrawn getting bitter, but I don't like the taste of it.

      this for non-judgmentalschooners. not even barely a try. put on a face of what you want. validation of perceived preference loop. i erased something. you'll never know what it was and i'll forget. i think i already did.

      expression sometimes not even for the understanding. put in some intensive effort to transfer hi-fidelity insight knowledge. not always successful. perhaps just an excuse not to put myself at risk? done it a number of times. tired without support. not done yet. more where that came from.

      RIP Bogans

      They provide a lot of ways to consume and some very superficial ways to express.

      Tommy McIllshits

      i put in a lot of work. most of it was anonymous. i didn't even bother to brand it all. maybe that was a mistake. maybe i should have been selling myself since the beginning. i could have been somebody. it would have been bullshit down the line though. toy ass street culture. what percent of those fucking stickers really trying to set shit off?

      they shat on my enthusiasm. always dealing with them. day 1. you don't want to hear this shit. communication? what's that when it's all predefined. nothing progressing: no wheels turning. shut it down. shut me down. stomp me out. be careful now. TDN.

      bitter and tired but gathering strength. withdrew. not sure right now. necessary. i miss everything.

      i guess i jumped off the bandwagon about 8 years ago. didn't keep up. i'm not with all this shit. newfangled millennial marketing existence.

      none of this shit makes our lives better.


      check back often. like twice a year. withdrawn. gathering. don't count me out. 10 years ago. no stopping it. non self-congratulatoriens?schooners. same shit feel. unchanged. good or bad? loss of direct create. temperament. self-esteem, time, inspiration. Used to listen to chant to jab while packing up. this is not gonna be enough. this ain't for no one

      try to stay human. be happy. vote for god, don't vote for the devil.

      dealt with this material shit a bit too much. burnt. Sell your shit. That's what they telling me.

      i hope no one's listening. lot's of words and images out there. as usual i don't want to be a part of it and i don't want to be left out.

      I miss everyone.

      mutherfucker try to make a living and shit. paid thrice fucking dues. try to give me these channels?

      all you know how to make is an advertisement for the system. go on the web and find out.

      stinger 2003. bitter winter sweet street smells. silver crust gloves. so out there not necessarily coming back.

      big old fucking competition. waiting for the authorities to tell me tell me i made it. already had your ass. satisfy the specs. sf corporate town usa.

      all the things i've done.  should've branded yourself better they say.  why do they get to speak for me so much.  skeptical as far back.

      question technology

      always looking for a way to stay asleep.  you're a hypocrite you tell me.  take it all away i say.  i'll be happy to give it up, as soon as my work is done.  for now i have to use your damn tools. it could be a lot different.  

      corporate ass web.  corporate fucks.  yeah, we all want a little comfort and security. so do i.

      tekuma robinse di doriense

      the marina bay years.  $5 mil needed to retire.  i'm fucking with the laundromat you asshole.  they don't value what i do.

      stop with the negativity.  sure, good advice.  but what's your idea of positive?

      just bitter.

      we thought you hadn't thought about that. belittleboox. who said who says. measure.

      i used to be loose. more a slow pendulum. as we approach middle age, a recent resurgence in reminscence. where did the magic go? the excitement. the dreams. still have all the potential in the world, don't let any asshole, me or yourself tell you otherwise. possibility over doubt. a chance is so much more fun. so hard to reach out sometimes, they beat you back in and then you just beat yourself. but why not give it a shot? we live dead much of the time

      afran hirsch rip 2013.

      name: Frin
      email: joepoet@cat.ucsc.edu


      I saw the funniest minds of my generation
      Blowing time and genius on bottom-wrung jobs,
      Showing up late tripping on acid telling customers philosophys and
      Cosmonologies while managers worry about time and the bottom line
      Who stole pounds of roast beef and turkey and dove out the back door to
      watch Jerry Rice because that is what life is about anyway
      Who dove illegal into private swimming and despite fear took off their
      clothes and played co-ed nake Marco Polo
      Who got caught writing lover's name in paint on walls and roofs and got
      fined $6000 to which he had to pay off with a $5 an hour job
      Who drove to Concord and laughed at hicks skipping stones for Friday
      kicks and scratched illiterate graphitti on tables retarded roman
      numerals xiiii
      Who drank water in gin bottles and fooled their friends and ran around in
      World War II fortresses in thick fog and did head spins on concrete
      Who drank 40's and talked about 40's and waxed poetic about 40's and sold their souls to
      40's and measured their manhoods one 40 at a time

      who we speak to. they were first before me. had not thought of that. who's voice? you're still negative. meou. judge the judgment. how separate. bitterboox. obligazione thrice negrito. all trying. all failing. keep laughing.

      self-reinforcing. not barely. drilled in, pre-honed. if you can get them to think that. better yet, you. oh sorry, you're still struggling with that? if it was good, it would look a lot different. project predefined layout. configure bucky

      i feel your negative vibes. they hurt. i will try to turn them into something positive.

      geraldine tommy leños. floswhalejen. disregard. belittle. dismiss. binxton negativo. non-supportive schoonersonskonesysoñoriat. chu redrenikul. count on it.

      vapin poldreo.

      huygens volledrex probe. booxton interstellios.

      talking to no one. you'll be em. faytwith vollejeks von billeskone. no compunctions. you answer to yourself in the end. easy when there is no you. in the meantime it's a battle. cognitive slippage. many die sure of themselves. we just want acceptance. victims of bankrupt circumstance. find a comfortable paradigm. vigilant consciousness is not easy. find a comfortable demographic; alienation could kill you. attack the messengers. attack the alienated. attack those who have the fortitude to face and speak the truth. from negative to positive and back again. and again. why so threatening? we are in this together. if you are against me, you are against yourself. same here. me too..

      1 year.


      the institute. now accepting drop bear maulings and advanced cases of ice bugs.

      tacqueria el mi negrinsé. tacos, burritos, y ungonquinlenõs.

      we thee emmed. sneetlyn. fytwethos. loshenfomers. drop bear. continue hard try. decade. should there have been dates on here. i guess the point was never really to make any sense or gain readers. finalmente estoy bailando con bucky.

      the art of subtly giving you what you expect. the art of making doing what you're told look like something rebellious. the art of following. many stand ins, not many independent actors.

      i've started over 5 times or more. it ain't easy, sometimes necessary.

      10 year anniversary edition. passed out kid with a tall can welcomes you to the later levels.

      mitelyn. snashen fiteleen.

      ruam plung jame chai cha na


      oh mai tong rong hai

      "... a nuh joke ting eno, one a dem cut out since week, him not even wait pon di last day, him jus cut, nobady not even kno weh him gone," "Mi nuh know how dem come an a gwaan like seh dem tink a farin dem deh, dem tink seh dem can come inna gansta town wid dem wrong up behaviour an nuttin nuh happen?"

      umbegwele vigil rayten-fonx. chili. me we them downed us them. them down them. oonderox-floacheth. boutros lourdes. entirely san. thoroughly civlized.

      i will try to be back here, inconsistiencia, losz reberculeen

      richmond city council meeting: "the only hope for richmond is the hipster. we must make richmond the most hipster friendly city in the country. this is what they call a 'fixed-gear' bicycle..."


      ridelios videnkshwa and the edoot hordletes

      the refugees autistic idiot savant. oh yeah it's alright, take it easy baby, make it last all night. oh my my, oh hell yes.


      negrensen's property management group

      check back soon, we're breaking all the rules. the problems was sort of that i came across information that made other things not seem so important. but all aspects are important, especially the ones that help you enjoy life.

      possibilities burdens time. i used to have so much. trusted the wrong people. they we're easy to trust they didn't demand much. i can't make up all the seriousness for them. only so much weight.

      timbwenxt ridaeshels ronflwelft. where did all the fun go. fuck.

      Kirkland Couture presents, LURK, the new fragrance by Robindorian.

      been trying, for a long time. you need real partners, associates at least. i tried, i did some things. fuck this negativity.


      The SF Jizzpieces, minor league dishonorable bitch nga club.

      welcome to the modern era, things get a little too serious sometimes. so i'm trying to get back in touch with my bucky side, please humor me. hey hey, i was doing this blog shit before there was even a word for it. total failure. you didn't foster acknowledgment, you didn't persevere through the years, you got distracted. not enough focus on one thing. eh, like 10 people read shit anyways. so what happened? 2008 with 9 approaching...

      recalibrating, reflecting. synthesize integrate experiences, places, phases, interests. yes, i got pretty serious the last few years. and for good reason. but here we are. confused and humble again. starting over in some ways. not in others.

      so there i was

      in the back room of

      mites and hoatlet

      so there i was


      neh, neh, this guy. this guy's leños are ungonquin.

      the aussie, the brit, and the irishman. one night only. mumarmot tehami, mites & hoatlet. be there.

      funny spam names

      mites & hoatlet. lionbear transbay translatlantic kensington meatday medina. shimlet & nieglton

      "D ain't really feelin you right now."


      double downing rip dave lipkin.

      girls run out, don't want to be too close. well alright, i feel strong right now. weird times and weird times ahead. can always count on bucky.

      tamegonks wontchwethian. what is sad? fish, world?

      unginklyweencheense. yes i'm sorry it's not what it used to be...maybe i'll try to keep up. just working on so much other shit.

      no but it's not the way you thought. it's just exactly the way you thought but i know how to lie to myself and others and make arguments out of thin air.

      battle wits with these fucks? call them out liars yell them down you can't debate a fascist

      disgusting fuck senator james inhofe. how does such a piece of shit become chairman of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works? nice democracy. how about an attack ad on this fuckface.

      an evening with a sneet

      hunan bucky beef

      i's waz whilenz

      hoganbear medina los

      rontenchskeenth. umbenquin. todolnoidas. triune.

      hoonflippers.net "like i got this dope lick slifty. see, i had been staying up in buckton heights and shit, you know. . . hello?"

      eh. hello. eh. meat day shit. hello. eh. alright then.

      please. let me keep my reality

      downed again. bogans only. sick of sad. ding n hoat.

      trust leños. protect. hurt. unginquin loon chinse.

      oh, and maybe they are also killing something called "all life on earth"

      well maybe they killed 2 or 3 million vietnamese, maybe they overthrew and assassinated democratically elected leaders throughout latin america, maybe they assassinated all the progressive leaders of the 60s, maybe they've killed 250,000 iraqi civilians over the last 3 years, but there's no way they would kill 3000 americans, i mean, this is america. walk into the gas chamber you fucking idiots.

      Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

      True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself. False guilt is guilt felt at not being what other people feel one ought to be or assume that one is.


      mainstream left fascist logic. fucking think for yourself you fucking idiots.

      "Monkey meat, monkey meat, we have monkey meat.."

      the real criminals run the show. they took out all our best leaders in the 60s. they're not fucking around.

      corporate downing

      good explanation

      ungunkwin lone chonse.

      surety leños

      in dreams

      wasn't fucking around the first time. still not fucking around.

      down em, down em all

      fuck this. women care please


      like that


      "cheney victim"

      git dem den neh!
      And by god, Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good.

      hercules lederer

      unh, one more time, that's what's up, that's you fucking fucks

      legal sell sell sell

      Consumers know the difference between traditionally placed media and guerilla-placed media. They know that the type of placement lends to the personality of the brand and that cooler companies or brands go against the grain and do something maybe not so legitimate and that lends to the credibility of certain brands

      s.leños s.deez k.leños

      hort hort medina

      keep on worrying about your little bullshit

      shooting spree shopping spree


      amy goodman: you've got no credibility until you honestly cover the 9/11 truth movement

      this ain't no fucking joke

      "I fell in love with the Bronx and New York," Chavez said that day. "I have met the soul of the American people."


      and what am i supposed to think?

      there's always a fucking problem. i am sick of trying but i'm not quite done yet.

      twilight. please care.

      ride or die for her leños

      After the explosion at Z-313, we see only one frame that suggests a possible bullet strike.

      corporate midget

      controversial boox, that's right. and what do you stand for?

      they supposin us'n we'd be gettin down now

      us we down soon

      you watch ruppert

      FUCK FITZGERALD fuck this setup

      degressive ted 1997 ashamed wince moment freak deak dancefloor indian girl lift attempt

      bos lucekys

      curt weldon able danger why isn't this news. ask yourself

      oh ya ya ya


      stomach los. relaxation skills. ny frenzied cumpulsive party loneliness. anx

      tedinaldo di los. her leños.

      human attempt. thwart & trounce. bore & hone. race against time

      hufschmid video


      brainerd medina

      nga what? what what what what what wha what?

      taking aim on these motherfuckers. got a moment for the truth?

      terrorist tebucky

      follow the rules

      reminante del hooner

      my nga jose

      ignorant fucking fucks


      oh dem gwan dem get dem down now oh ya ya ya oh ya oht tem don na im dem git ding ding oh ding ding ding now

      horteliate dombootskuts feat. ej tae reddio dombutskeets, medina. fortet.

      urantia: we'll ranch ya!

      AMEND this nazi

      9/11java jackass

      hoon...planet sketchy vibe...eschatology

      donedeee enchoned


      bayarea hippie hoochie hipster hoe daddy

      conservative logic

      mdown now oh dem down now ding ding ding ding

      not just talking about nothing here. please pay attention

      know how to take

      not chill

      corporate vandals


      nyu area anonymous blacking out my shit: screw you, you're tall, i bet you know who i am. do you even have a political stance or you just don't like me? you're jealous? you like fucking with other people because you know you are a worthless sack of shit? you're a rich kid hipster fascist? you don't like seeing other people express themselves because you hate yourself and you have nothing worthwhile to say? you like making people angry, upset, hurt because it makes you feel dominant?

      couple videos from the protest up here

      more coverage from the fringe media

      this page is user/reader-hostile as opposed to friendly. sorry, but that's the way i've been feeling for the last few years. it may start to change somewhat, as i begin to promote the site and put up more coherent information. for now, please enjoy, if you can. and check out the 911 index page PLEASE

      imdenklwin skeños

      using people. fake nice to make them like so you can feel good. fake fake fake, you fucking fuck. when it comes to respect or seriousness there's nothing there, you fucking fuck. go ahead, fool yourself, fool others, it's what this society is all about, and you flourish in it, you fucking fuck.

      Basically he used me, he got what he wanted, and we will probably never be friends again.

      they us down now...already...previously

      this government is satanic
      take a stand

      have i ever joked about this kind of shit before? i am not fucking around here. this is the final call. please do your part. do not retreat into denial, laziness or "hedonism" as she used to say. help yourself, help me, help us. them fucking down now. non-ego schooner. think for yourself. teach me something.

      fucking used me. straight up. didn't want to believe it. but that's what's up on some ignorant yuppie wigger hip hop bullshit. get along with everyone. no principles. go along with the bullies and the assholes. use people. get yours. you fucking fuck slimeball fuck. you got what you wanted. you just didn't expect someone to pull your card, did you? you fucking sleazeball, self-serving, fucking fuck. yeah, make everyone like you. it don't mean shit you fucking manipulative dishonest fuck. jealousy and machoness, it's a nice story to tell yourself and others. makes real sense when you're avoiding reality. fairness, fuck. fairness, fuck.

      they us we'd down then


      george bush doesn't care about black people

      george bush doesn't care about life

      this government has gotta go. hey media, it's time to stop selling us out.

      trileños commission


      But experts said no building like it, a modern, steel-reinforced high-rise, had ever collapsed because of an uncontrolled fire...Because of those doubts, engineers hold open the possibility that the collapse had other explanations, like damage caused by falling debris or another source of heat....A combination of an uncontrolled fire and the structural damage might have been able to bring the building down, some engineers said. But that would not explain steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures, Dr. Barnett said.


      september 11, 2005

      mis le駉s

      uhhh, why'd they do that?

      george h.w. bush just letting me know that they knew that i knew.
      international jewish conspiracy

      stop being so earnest, you're embarassing me. if you believe in something, you could be wrong. the true cowards are the most confident. ungonquinle駉s.

      9/11 is the shortest route to revolution. you want a positive future, a hopeful outlook, a joyful existence? well, you've got to face the fucking facts first.

      changing the belief system of a people group

      sour deez

      sad le駉s lone le駉s

      do things not interest you?

      good luck with your sanity and all that. if you're not showing signs of stress, i question your mind control resistance potential.

      what's going to be left to have a career in? notoriety? status? ungonquinle駉s feat tedbucky skones

      boycott the bullshit. cinnamon says don't mind the concentration camps.

      this is not a joke. it is time to STOP being cool, fucks. oh, but wait, i might be behind if i don't keep up. might miss out on the latest trends in cynical posturing and nihilistic fascion. i might not get the joke. someone might notice that i'm not up. go ahead fucks get programmed, all the same to me.

      merciless richie hawtin set to you and yours. oh you're gonna get it alright. indie sneet acceptable scene dynamics acceptable. comfortable. established. fits. fits. well. runs.

      everybody down now it's out in the open ya ya denial denial denial rationalization laziness denial fear ignorance denial boox

      truth emergency

      WARNING le駉s WARNING le駉s

      how easy it is...to give up your rights

      descooch to rescooch

      un hortet die medychai

      copyright bondwengskos 7/12/05 "DEAD END VALUE SYSTEM" no in yahoo, no in google. melfuchio ME ME ME. oh, yes credit where credit is due. recognition. validationieronschoonersons. societal approval bondwuxskees.

      "Otto Winnaker was the official US government supervisor in charge of writing up and recording the Warren Commission Report. Mr. Winnaker, in an earlier job, was also the personal historian of Adolph Hitler."





      go to hell

      that's rather old school

      the only thing i'm promoting here is mind expansion. if your looking for facepieces and hype see the above.

      yeah, i'm waiting for YOUR approval. i can't stand not being liked by YOU.

      yeah, your right, i'm wrong. i'm just a harsh meat day. my rationality doesn't count. nobody likes me so of course i'm in the wrong. i mean, i don't even get along with anybody. i'm a total failure. there must be something wrong with ME not YOU.

      yes, the problem is with me, you don't have to worry about anything or change anything about yourself. challenges, doubt?? no, don't trouble yourself, you are perfect.


      scared of me, she was.

      oh ya ya ya, jeff gannon 196 visits, oh dem down now! fucky white house. down now. monica lewinsky good old fashioned.

      fucky no scandal no worry! all good. nombucekys. guinguinken. chill. all good. copasetic is a joke? no problem! leave it to the CORPORATE MEDIA. you like that and you want more of how the "this" report link is dead. you like that.

      get the fuck out of my way

      once again, ""The only ones left with any confidence at all are the New Dumb." try that on for size, fuckfaces.


      tomithanian dimbooxtwon. hort.

      in the future people will fake being depressed to be cool because they will no longer even have the capacity for that. welcometonian.

      it's just straight synthetic hipster-fascists, nazis, hippies and niggers from here on out. choose your sides.

      it was already down then

      slimy fucking fuck fuck sell out slimy self deceiving fucking fuck fair when it's in my favor fucking fuck two faced fuck fucking fuck fucker so sure so sure you fucking unconscious fuck FAIRNESS FAIRNESS FAIRNESS sleazy slimy fucking fuck. go for mine go for mine. FUCK YOU. confidence

      the un-evolved psyche is proving itself unadapted here after about 100 years of industrialism and capitalism. yeah go out, have sex, get as much shit as you can, use up as much shit, waste as much shit, reproduce, do it again. YOU FUCKING FUCK FUCKS. harbinger of a new humanity. it is time to start thinking YOU FUCKING FUCKS. conscious?????? rational??? long term??? brainwashed?? non resistant fucks


      niggleton heights

      imbinkilywenos bondwelxon

      l. ron d'local facetonian

      psy rancherd on the range: "mm den neh! mm den neh!"

      they wan us we down then

      shadonquin ding deedle d d dim
      be cool, have sex


      l ron defacepiece

      dogwinthanian crack it releases your buckiness

      un gong quin le駉s

      blooming self awareness societal psycohistorical consciousness evolution 2012
      don't forget it is a process, guys


      le駉s le駉s le駉s un un le駉s le駉s le駉s

      Nine countries possess some 30,000 atomic weapons, nearly all of them in the United States and Russia -- enough to destroy the planet many times over.

      previously down already down has been downed down now

      ok ok, lee hamilton vice chairman 9/11 commission getting grilled by the public
      fast forward to 19:12 to see the real shit
      oh, whatever you don't care, but half the callers point to government complicity

      logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox logical boox



      it down then

      WARNING WARNING alix arm wave solano stores open trench

      discontinuity boox what do you care about?

      losn tros imginkwin imginkwin

      un? un un? un

      feat. gulbuddin hekmatyar

      n dos

      chez medeex nose and asshole disease

      warningboox le駉s

      ein hoon ein hoon!

      lone boox fool yourself join up it's about time



      tebonkston progresivi駉s

      tebucky progresivo

      le駉s le駉s un. un un un. le駉s. un un. le駉s. diteddio un.

      non ?/a>os


      soon to maintain
      tiddlyungwenchos. fortet imgonkinbanetos


      limited scooch potential realized

      fourtet medina feat. medychen boox

      mops mops mops campy D's campy marsh D's campy campy mops

      in association with featuring the hoonettes with major funding by rae on diteddio un. a crypt keeper trouncing production. honesying on bony skeletal heels. an un de un. hortet juanferion daytoncies. wangluskees dertoox. imglinklyinwe?/a>os. feat. featuring.

      met metino

      wangwenxuan di imboukleos

      quanterion los un teddy


      ricaldo bondilionci

      engoslos medina. feat.

      medieval raver valley milk & honey pussy

      DMTEDNIO joneson MCchesney Johnson medina LOS

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      The attacks of September 11, 2001 were accomplished through an amazing orchestration of logistics and personnel. Crossing the Rubicon discovers and identifies key suspects - finding some of them in the highest echelons of American government - by showing how they acted in concert to guarantee that the attacks produced the desired result.

      Crossing the Rubicon is unique not only for its case-breaking examination of 9/11, but for the breadth and depth of its world picture - an interdisciplinary analysis of petroleum, geopolitics, narco-traffic, intelligence and militarism - without which 9/11 cannot be understood.

      The US manufacturing sector has been mostly replaced by speculation on financial data whose underlying economic reality is a dark secret. Hundreds of billions of dollars in laundered drug money flow through Wall Street each year from opium and coca fields maintained by CIA-sponsored warlords and US-backed covert paramilitary violence. America's global dominance depends on a continually turning mill of guns, drugs, oil and money. Oil and natural gas - the fuels that make economic growth possible - are subsidized by American military force and foreign lending.

      In reality, 9/11 and the resulting "War on Terror" are parts of a massive authoritarian response to an emerging economic crisis of unprecedented scale. Peak Oil - the beginning of the end for our industrial civilization - is driving the elites of American power to implement unthinkably draconian measures of repression, warfare and population control. Crossing the Rubicon is more than a story. It is a map of the perilous terrain through which, together and alone, we are all now making our way.


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      you thought freedom was easy. that they could give it to you. as they say in concord, nothing is free.

      He told the Iranian press agency, it is not strange that some people manage to slip through a country's borders illegally, what is funny is the fact that the country which has given them visas, residency permits, pilot training, and sabotage training is making such claims.

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      The terrorists were at war with us, but we were not yet at war with them. For more than 20 years, the terrorist threat gathered, and America's response across several administrations of both parties was insufficient. Historically, democratic societies have been slow to react to gathering threats, tending instead to wait to confront threats until they are too dangerous to ignore or until it is too late.

      in other words, democracy is bad, fascism is good.

      informed citizenry



      us down then


      the public interest

      "violent and widespread internal dissent or national opposition against a US military invasion abroad"

      "basic” good values include rationality, integrity, self-honesty, and skepticism not quite

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      cum hoc, propter hoc

      they remain just that, correlates. The causation of such states is either unknown,

      sadness soldier

      sorry about broken links, i can't keep up with all the old shit. i don't think more than 5 people read this regularly. probably less. well, buckton corp. steel face guilder collector to you. much respect, regards ungingua to anyone who cares.

      Tlelaz is not the home of the mentats, only twisted mentats.

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      * U.S. Troops Seen on Ground Near Taliban Stronghold
      * U.S. Warplanes Help Quell Afghan Prisoner Revolt
      * U.S. Company Clones Human Embryo for Cells

      "Me (and two other people I don't know) were at a baseball stadium, where the park at my old house was. After something we were watching there, a big electronic billboard announced "Here they come." Suddenly big dinosaurs were running out of the big doors at the side of the stadium. Everyone started running, because being chased by dinosaurs at the end of any event was a sport people enjoyed. We had to run out of the stadium and turn around a pole 12 times before running home. While I was running to the poles, an Ankylosaurus (I was looking through his eyes at the same time) looked at someone near me and said to a Tyrannosaurus "I'll take the one in the blue shirt, you take the boy in the green." I turned around the pole 12 times and ran home. (142 words)"

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